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We buy houses as-is for cash. You don’t even have to clean! Get Your No-Obligation CASH OFFER Below.

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We Buy Houses in Erlanger, KY!
“Sell My House Fast For Cash”

Do you have a home that you would like to sell in Erlanger? We buy houses in Erlanger, KY and surrounding areas on an “as is” basis. In other words, you don’t need to hire realtors, you don’t need to repair anything, and we won’t charge you any fees or closing costs. Learn About Our Cash Home Buying Process!

How Do I Sell My House Fast for Cash in Erlanger?

It only requires you to complete the following three steps to sell a rickety house fast for cash:

Step 1

Contact Us

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Give Us a call or visit our website and fill out our short form.

Step 2

Get Your Cash Offer

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We make you a cash offer with No Obligations to sell to us.

Step 3

Get Your Cash!

sell my house fast Erlanger

You pick the closing date and you get cash for your house.

We will buy your creaky and frail house fast for cash, waiting for a buyer to obtain financing to buy your Erlanger house is no longer necessary. We aren’t what is known as an “ibuyer,” so if you are looking to sell a seedy property for fast cash in Erlanger, the TLC Home Buyer can do this. You will receive fast cash and then close on your schedule.

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We are the TLC Home Buyers, and we are professional home buyers. There is a difference between us and traditional realtors, and the best part is that we buy all types of houses in Erlanger for cash! We offer homeowners our best quotes, so you know that you won’t receive a lowball offer from us. We know that you need to sell quickly, so we have no intention of wasting your time.

We never charge you a dime before or after we give you an offer, so we will buy your Erlanger house at no cost to you. However, the deal isn’t written in stone, so you are not required to accept it if it doesn’t seem right. Before you call a realtor to have your house listed, why not hear our offer today?

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Selling my home with TLC Homebuyers was one of the best decisions I made. They made the whole process extremely easy. Alex was so helpful and kept me up to date on everything that was taking place during the process. They literally handled everything with helping me get all of my old stuff out of the home and answering any questions that I had. If you want a stress-free purchase I highly recommend using TLC Home Buyers

Grant Maier
Cash Home Buyer Erlanger

Cash Home Buyers in Erlanger

When you work with the TLC Home Buyer, no real estate agents are needed, so you won’t be following their terms.

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Hosting open houses and confronting the anxieties that a realtor always brings is the way that sales worked in the past. Those activities keep your house from selling in the fastest manner, but we are offering you a better way to relieve yourself of a property that you have been wanting to get rid of today!

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We Buy Houses In Erlanger Kentucky In All Situations

Sometimes, you find that you are in a difficult situation. You must sell the home you are living in or a property that you are renting fast. You can do the following when we buy your shabby house:

we buy houses for cash Erlanger Keep Your House from Foreclosure

You may be in default because of missing several mortgage payments. Or you haven’t been able to pay your property taxes timely.

we buy houses near me Selling an Inherited House

You inherited your grandmother’s house, but you would rather not wait until the probate process is over before you sell it.

We Buy Ugly House For Cash Erlanger Too many Repairs to deal with

Can’t afford to get your house fixed, or the building needs extensive work completed? No worries! We got your back! We Buy Houses As-is Condition!

We Buy Houses  as is Erlanger Relocate to Another Location

You may be obliged to sell your perfectly good house because you must move to another state to take your dream job.

we buy houses for cash near me Going Through Divorce

You are going through divorce proceedings, and you must sell the house that you purchased with your spouse.

local cash house buyers Erlanger Stop Being a Landlord.

Your tenants have gotten on your last nerve because you are tired of having to fix the things that they break on your rental property.

This can be so hard because you’re compelled to hire a realtor, place the property in real estate listings, stage open houses, and wait for people to make a bid on your house. This process takes a long time, and you may not have very much time. At TLC Home Buyer, we have the solution for you. Sell Your Erlanger house fast!

Cash For My House Erlanger

“Great Company to work with. Their team is upfront, knowledgeable, and they have a smooth process. I’d highly recommend selling your home to TLC Home Buyers!”

-Monica C

We Buy Houses for Cash in Erlanger, KY

Selling your dilapidated house for cash to a cash for houses company is fast, and it benefits you in several ways. These benefits include the following:

cash home buyers ErlangerWe Never Charge You a Fee.

You can sell your feeble house to us for free. When you sell a property the traditional way, they will charge you a fee for this privilege. On average, you must pay a fee of 6% with an agent.

Fast Cash For Home ErlangerYou Don’t Need Any Agents.

You aren’t going to need a listing agreement because you aren’t going to be hiring any agents. They will require you to host open houses, have the property inspected and accept any contingencies. We, on the other hand, will buy infirm and frail houses for cash fast. We don’t charge you a fee, and we won’t hassle you for any reason.

best company that buys houses ErlangerStop dealing with expensive repairs

We buy houses in As-is condition, you don’t have to deal with expensive repairs and with unreliable contractors. Your house can be in any condition, and we will buy it for cash! We can do this because we are completely financed, and we can repair what needs to be repaired after we complete the sale.

we buy houses for cash Erlanger Kentucky

Where We Buy Houses Erlanger, Kentucky

We buy every house in any city in Kentucky. That’s because we are real estate investors, so we aren’t restricted as to where we can do business. We buy houses for cash in the Erlanger, but we also buy other types of assets. These include mobile homes, condos, a duplex, and even land.

It doesn’t matter to us why you are selling a house, so the condition doesn’t matter. The TLC Home Buyer is here to help people, so we want you to have the best experience dealing with us.

Sell your battered house fast for cash in Erlanger. We are in a position to buy it quickly. You only need to fill out the form on our website or call us.

We buy homes for fast cash in Erlanger areas. These areas include Indiana, Bedford, Berea, and Florence. It only takes completing three steps, and you will receive fast cash for your house.

Sell My House Cash Erlanger

Bowling Green
New Albany

Cash Home Buyers Erlanger

Mount Washington

Sell Your House In Erlanger, KY The Simple Way

Receive the following six advantages when you sell your house for cash in Erlanger:

sale my house fast for cash Erlanger

Get a Fair Cash Offer

If you received an offer from a professional homebuyer, just tell us and we will quote you a better offer. We will ensure that you understand why our fast cash bid will be the best option for you, so we will explain everything in detail. Both of us will benefit from this sale.

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No Cleaning

Sell your house to us in “as is” condition, so if it needs a good cleaning right now, you don’t have to do it. Sell the ramshackle house to us, we will clean up after you. Take whatever is of value to you, and leave the mess to us!

sell my house  Erlanger

Close On Your Schedule

You pick the closing date. We can close fast or whenever you are ready! We don’t wait for third-party approvals and we will close as soon as you are ready.

sell my house as is Erlanger

Sell Your House “As Is”.

We buy houses in any condition. Your house could be crumbling and falling down, and if you want to sell it fast for cash, we are your best option. Stop dealing with expensive repairs and get rid of all the stress. We buy broken houses fast for cash!

sell my home for cash Erlanger

Sell With No Repairs

Sell your house with no repairs. We buy houses fast for cash! We will fix whatever needs fixing. This includes the holes in the walls and the leaks in the roof. we will take responsibility for all the fixes that your house needs.

sell my home quickly Erlanger

Sell With No Fees

Real estate investors don’t charge sellers any fees. Only traditional realtors will charge you 6% of the amount for which your home sells.

Cash For Houses In Erlanger, Kentucky

Cash For Houses Erlanger

Every seller doesn’t decide to do business with us, but if you do, you will receive a quote that you have every right to turn down. As others have done, you may also decide that the best thing for you is to sell the house you want to sell to traditional buyers, but it doesn’t hurt to have a written offer that you may decide that you want to accept in the future. Just fill out our form, and we will give you a quote that you are free to reject if you so choose.

Advantages of A Cash Home Buying Company In Erlanger, KY

cash house buyer Erlanger

You never make careless and impulsive decisions. The last thing that you want to do is act in a reckless manner. Don’t sell your Erlanger house to anyone for a minuscule price. You deserve a fair offer for your home!

We aren’t in the habit of wasting anybody’s time, so you won’t receive a lowball offer from us. After you contact us, we will prepare a range of offers so that you will know that we are serious about giving you an offer that you can’t refuse. You are going to know from the beginning whether or not we can make a great deal. To find out more, type your information into our online form, and we will get the process started!

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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Selling a House for Fast Cash in Erlanger FAQ

When you need to sell properties, it is a time-consuming, tireless endeavor that sellers always hope will be over with as fast as possible. If you want to sell your house fast in Erlanger, the best option for you is to sell it to one of the companies that purchase homes for cash fast. This is a new and different way to sell homes, so you may not be convinced that it is the best plan.

Why Is a Cash Offer Better for a Seller?

Cash is better for owners because you could possibly have the money that you need in as little as two weeks. Sometimes, we can even complete the sale in a couple of hours! Our business is to sell homes fast, and we work very hard to do exactly that!

Is It Possible to Sell a House in Five Days?

Yes, we can sell your unsuitable house in five days! You just need to have the title, and we can take any unkempt homes off of your hands. A traditional realtor would need to take months or years to get this done.

How Do You Sell Homes the Fastest Way?

The fastest way for you to sell your homes is to get a quote from us for cash. Cash home buyers in Erlanger can purchase any home in as little as five days. Sometimes, it takes even less time than that! To make sure that you can sell in the shortest time possible, the title will need to be free of any liens. If there are outstanding property taxes or mortgage payments that are due, escrow will need to pay those by the time the sale has been closed.

Is It a Good Idea to Sell My House for Cash?

Yes. That’s because you can sell your house fast for cash when you sell to us! The timeline that it takes to go through the traditional channels just isn’t reasonable! You need to complete this transaction quickly, but it is understandable that you would be wary of this type of deal. We have several reviews on our website from people whom we have helped, and they are excellent! Feel free to read them.

Will cash houses companies buy my house that is already listed?

Whether you’ve worked with a realtor for countless hours or are tired of constant information overload, we can help. We buy houses in Erlanger, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas that are both listed and unlisted.

The best way that you can find out whether or not you should sell your house for cash fast is to ask us for a quote. We will give you our best offer, but there is no obligation to you to accept it. We want you to know everything about the details of our offer, so we will explain everything fully. We want you to be sure that, if you use our service, it will be something that will help you reach your goal.

Sell Your House in Erlanger the Easy Way.

When you sell your house for cash, you can leave anything that is broken, a real estate agent isn’t necessary, and you are never charged a fee or a commission. The entire process is short and simple. You only need to contact us for more information and then tell us that you have a house to sell. We will give you a quote for the property. If you like it, you can accept it, but if you don’t, you can leave it on the table. Asking for a quote doesn’t mean that you are obligated to take it. You will be extremely glad that you contacted us today!

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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